So here is the schedule:

Saturday 3/30: UBox arrives at the Cambridge UHaul storage center. I am going to go check the size, take some pictures and measurements and get the supplies we need for the move, some rope, furniture pads, etc.

Saturday 3/30 afternoon/evening: Last Saturday in Boston, let’s have some fun!

Sunday 3/31: Packing.
Monday 4/1: Packing.
Tuesday 4/2: Packing.

Wednesday 4/3: Rent a UHaul truck, go back home and get everything moved out of our place into the UBox container with movers help. Last time it took about 3 hours, this time should be faster.

Friday 4/5: Go pick up the Avis rental car, finish taking everything else out of our apartment. Help Angelina take the things she needs into her sister’s place.

Saturday 4/6 early AM: Leave Boston towards Chicago.

Sunday 4/7: stay in Boston, take Angelina back to the airport in the evening so she can fly back to Boston and I continue on the road towards Denver.

Monday 4/8: Arrive at Denver hotel, stay until next day, or longer depending on the weather.

Tuesday 4/9: Leave towards Las Vegas.

Wednesday 4/10 early morning: Drive from Las Vegas towards San Francisco, maybe even going to the Ocean road for the last 200 miles.
Wednesday 4/10 afternoon: Arrive at our new place in San Francisco.

Thursday 4/11: Sleep.

Friday 4/11: Sleep, maybe even walk the dog.

Saturday 4/12 and Sunday 4/13: Go check out the city.

Monday 4/15: Back to work, whaa whaa whaa.