I’ve just finished work on Cover. About three months of design, develop, test, change, and do it all over again until today, when we finally pushed version 1.0 to production.

What is Cover?

Glad you asked. Cover is a new take on publishing platforms. A sort of hybrid between WordPress and Jekyll, combining the best features of each, and adding a few extra teaspoons of sugar here and there.


Cover allows you to create and host rich, ultra fast, well designed, and future proof blogs in minutes. No need to configure databases, no need to learn ruby or php to program your templates, and definitely no need to be an engineer to know how to deploy your blog to github pages.

What’s different then?

Well, for starters, Cover was designed to be easy to use, to allow you to spend time writing your content and when you are ready, push a button to make it live. Still doesn’t sound better? Cover gives you a powerful content management system (CMS) very similar to WordPress, however Cover is free to use.

Yes, free to use. But not only the CMS, also publishing your blog (we call them publications) is also free.

It gets better

Cover doesn’t use complicated hosting platforms that render your pages each time a visitor goes to your blog. Instead we generate a Progressive Web App with static content each time you publish. This makes our blogs ultra fast, and gives us the ability to optimize the $h1t out of it before deploying it to hour hosting platform.

Still, why is this better?

Mainly for two reasons:

  1. By making your publication static, it can be aggressively cached by our CDN and your browser. Loads blazingly fast, did I hear milliseconds?
  2. Because it is a progressive web app, it is all bundled together, all your stories, no page refreshes, everything is there.


Yes, it is free. We give you the ability to create two publications on your account for free. We also give you a free theme that is yours forever.

Road map

We have plans to add more features right away, Collaboration is top 1 on our list. Soon you will be able to invite other authors to edit or add new Stories to your publication. Also will allow you to use your own custom domain name, no need to use our subdomains like https://myawesomeblog.trycover.io … instead you will be able to use https://www.myawesomeblog.com as long as you own that domain of course.

That is just the beginning, we have a ton of extra features planned, and we will keep adding themes so you can easily switch the look and feel of your publication with one click.

Ok, and finally, this Story you are reading, was entirely written, and published in Cover. In fact my blog is the first one that was officially imported into Cover, and you might have noticed that it already uses a Custom domain name (www.javierlerones.com) … that is how close we are to releasing that feature.


Have fun publishing!